The Vigil (CD)

The Vigil (CD)


The message and music of The Vigil based on Matthew 6:9-13 is very simple and uncluttered. The writing of both the book and music began in the winter of 2009 during a prayer retreat while alone in a lodge located in the Buffalo River region of Arkansas. The Vigil became a project I felt I would not only enjoy writing, but would learn from in the process, and I have. The Vigil was chosen as the title because it describes a period of time set aside for intense prayer and spiritual watchfulness. The word is derived from the Middle English vigile, which means, “devotional watching”, and provides multi-layered imagery. I hope it becomes a tool encouraging those who hear to be more like Jesus. To live like him, love like him, and pray like him.


  1. Father

  2. Your Name

  3. Your Kingdom Come

  4. The Will of the Father

  5. Do not Worry

  6. All I Need

  7. Take My Heart

  8. Forgive Like Him

  9. Father Lead

  10. We Fall Down

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