The Ancient Path (Digital Download)

The Ancient Path (Digital Download)


The Ancient Path was birthed as a result of hearing continued stories and reading surveys of Christians burning out under the weight of stress and worry. Needing to recharge myself, I rediscovered one of Scriptures most familiar wells of life, and reacquainted myself with the life giving message of Psalm 23. The message is one of peace, rest, and contentment which manifests in our lives as a result of our level of trust and time spent with The Great Shepherd.

The goal of this recording and companion book is simply to draw us into a quiet place within the presence of God, and there cause us to reflect on Jesus the divine caregiver and provider of all we will ever need to accomplish the purposes of God for us in this earth life.


  1. Shepherd

  2. The River

  3. I Wait on You

  4. Pathways

  5. Here with Me

  6. You Comfort

  7. In Your Presence

  8. You Anoint Me

  9. Good to Me

  10. In Your House

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