Learning to listen

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The Word

“Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given—and you will receive even more.” Mark 4:24


In a wooded area close to our home lies an old stock pond constructed in the 1940’s. The decades of tree growth now conceal its presence from plain view. The pond was a favorite stopping place when my sons were younger and we would take short walks into the woods. In early spring the voice of dozens of Chorus Frogs, Spring Peepers, as we refer to them in Arkansas.

Initially only a few are faintly heard, but when I hear them I know soon the evening atmosphere will be filled with the sound of their croaking. Their voices are distinguishable and, for me, a pleasant and restful sound. More importantly, though, the presence of the Spring Peepers is an early signal of winter’s end.

When we still ourselves, poised for spiritual listening, we will recognize the distinguishable voice of our Great Shepherd and the details so characteristic of the way he leads us through life. The Bible tells us God does not show favoritism. He desires to speak to any and all willing to still themselves to listen, to recognize the holy, distinguishable tones and inflections of his voice.

Some say God doesn’t speak. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t desired to hear him enough to stop and listen.


Teach me to listen, understand, and follow as you lead. Amen.

"don't let us yield to temptation."

Craig Smith