I love Your sanctuary

I love your sanctuary.png

The Word

“I wash my hands to declare my innocence. I come to your altar, O Lord, singing a song of thanksgiving and telling of all your wonders. I love your sanctuary, Lord, the place where your glorious presence dwells.” Psalm 26:6-8


We have no course to be forgiven of sin but through Jesus Christ. His redemptive work of grace, the result of his love, declares our innocence. We would have never known true innocence had he not responded to man’s impossible dilemma of separation from God because of sin.

We can now come into his presence with hearts full of gratitude and amazement. We can sing songs of worship and thanksgiving with sincerity, understanding each lyric. The experience of our deliverance from the captivity of darkness and the telling of God’s endless wonders is the content of our thanksgiving song.

Found in the heart of every true Believer in Christ is the longing for God’s presence. Nothing else will satisfy. Where the spirit of the Lord is, is the sanctuary of God, and this is home to the child of God, abiding with the love of his or her soul.


With you, my Lord and glorious King, is where I desire to dwell. In your presence is where I long to be now and forever. Amen.

"For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen."


Craig Smith