Conceal me in troubled times

conceal me in troubled times.png

The Word

“For He will conceal me there when troubles come; He will hide me in His sanctuary. He will place me out of reach on a high rock.” Psalm 27:5


The sun was just rising when I heard a loud thump on the window not far from where I was reading. When I investigated I discovered a female Cardinal lying outside on the ground below the window. My guess is she was startled by something while eating from a feeder nearby and flew into the window while trying to escape whatever scared her.

I gently scooped her into my hands, placed her on top of a retaining wall under some covering and even placed a few leaves over her to conceal the bird from open view. In about thirty minutes she recovered and flew off.

A little insignificant act I realize, but a fitting small example of the Heavenly Father’s great care when it comes to protecting His children. He is able to conceal us from dangers we see as well as the ones we often do not know are there. He will put us in His place of safety.


You hide me from the things that that would destroy me and You are aware of the troubles about designed to overwhelm me. You are my hiding place and my rock of refuge. Amen

Craig Smith